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Date: 2013-11-13
Organization Contact Name: Janus Chidester
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Fredericksburg All Ages Is Growing: Coming Soon a Digital Media Lab
New Resource for Local Teens Will Open at LibertyTown Arts

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. -- Fredericksburg-area teens will soon enjoy a major new resource courtesy of Fredericksburg All Ages (FAA) which will offer media and mentoring to employ cutting-edge digital tools to local youth to tell their own stories. FAA’s planned digital media lab will allow teens to study new technology to advance their studies, prepare for jobs, and explore the creative arts.

FAA has recently settled into a space at the renowned LibertyTown Arts space and is raising money from local businesses, foundations, and individuals to provide computers, projectors, cameras, and the latest technology for the lab. The digital media lab will build on the successful results of the live music shows the youth-run and staffed organization has spearheaded in Fredericksburg for more than seven years.

Janus Chidester, FAA’s program coordinator, envisions a place where youth across the local communities can use state-of-the art equipment and a collaborative environment to gain skills, practice and pursue creative interests in digital arts and media: “After we raise the money for equipment, we plan to offer workshops and classes in filmmaking, graphic design, photography, mobile app development and so on.  We have had terrific interest and support from artists in the community who want to get involved and support us.”

Fredericksburg All Ages (FAA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to youth leadership and youth empowerment through music and art, has provided over 150 all-ages music and arts events for thousands of area teens, providing an avenue for artistic expression and participation.

Chidester says FAA staff have studied successful organizations in Washington, Michigan, and New Mexico “which prepare local youth with important advanced skills not always available in high schools - digital media skills that prepare teens for college and future careers. "We are striving to create a uniquely Fredericksburg version of those programs.”

The goals of the Fredericksburg All Ages Media Lab include

  • Fostering personal and artistic expression through the use of emerging digital technologies, media arts, and the craft of storytelling.

  • Providing access to well-trained and teen-friendly mentors who are themselves practitioners in the fields of digital media arts.

  • Developing cutting-edge educational and workplace readiness skills based on collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

  • Offering a safe, welcoming space for teenagers to collaborate and learn.

FAA aims to raise $5,000 by December 31 to outifit the new digital media lab. To support Fredericksburg All Ages with a donation, or for more information on its programs, visit  

About Fredericksburg All Ages

Fredericksburg All Ages is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to youth empowerment, youth leadership and affordable music and arts programming. Youth are involved at every level of FAA’s decision making and leadership and serve as members of FAA’s Board of Directors. More information can be found at:
FAA believes when youth are engaged in satisfying civic and creative processes, the community at large benefits. As participants in the FAA programs become more involved with technology and innovation, they will be more active as advocates, entrepreneurs, and employees locally, benefitting the entire Fredericksburg-area.

About LibertyTown Arts

LibertyTown Arts Workshop is Fredericksburg’s largest art center, featuring 26 studios with over 40 artists, an exhibition gallery, fine art and crafts for sale, and art classes for all ages.