Our Mission

Fredericksburg All Ages (FAA)

Our mission is to create youth-led music and art experiences that empower participants and foster community. 

Our vision is a vibrant and inclusive music and arts community in which youth are not only included, but empowered to lead, learn, create and express themselves through meaningful community-building music and art experiences.

FAA creates a safe, alcohol- and drug-free environment where people of all ages and all backgrounds can experience music and art in a way that transcends commercial entertainment, invites participation and builds community. FAA participants not only get to see live music performances and enjoy art, but they also have a chance to gain skills in various aspects of event planning, production and management, as well as display and perform their own art.

FAA is a volunteer- and youth-driven organization. Dozens of volunteers working hundreds of hours have helped make FAA what it is today and continue to keep it alive. Our Youth  Action Council (YAC) and youth volunteers lead the organization as we implement our programs, plan events, and start up new projects.