So, you want to volunteer with Fredericksburg All Ages? That’s great!

If you’ve been to an FAA event, I’m sure you saw a bunch of teenagers running the show – taking money at the door, running sound, setting up, cleaning up, interviewing bands, etc. Youth are also involved in all the behind-the scenes decision making too – from booking bands, to raising money, to planning future projects, and running our record label, Scissors & Tape Records.

There’s a lot to do and a lot of opportunities to get involved. Our philosophy for volunteers is to find things for them to do that they’re passionate about. And, to find opportunities to be leaders and come up with new things to do if what they’re interested in does not currently exist. In order to get to know you a little better, please fill out this quick form and we’ll get in touch with you in a few days and get you roped in!

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